Who We Are

About Us
High Spirit is a clothing and accessories brand owned/created by Brandon, made for psychonauts and stoners alike. We utilize the combination of visionary art and weed humor in our apparel/accessories using all original designs. All merchandise is hands on and made in America. Premium quality is what we strive for! Our intentions are to give you something you can wear or use that will not only stand out and look dope, but also attract likeminded individuals.

About Brandon
Brandon is a content creator, music artist, and amateur psychonaut from Las Vegas. Better known as "RawOG420" on YouTube for his cannabis videos, aside from making content, he shares a deep interest in the exploration of consciousness, shamanism, and spirituality. His two biggest passions, being a cannabis connoisseur and psychonaut, High Spirit came to life.
"One's personal journey to self discovery is an experience of itself. Using psychedelics will catapult the subconscious mind to clear view, forcing you to observe and confront. You will learn a lot about yourself, and you will find out these sacred medicines should be dealt with high respect." - Brandon [RawOG420]

The Meaning of "High Spirit"
There are moments in life when one feels strongly connected to their higher self, the High Spirit. A balanced Crown Chakra, some call it enlightenment, it is a desirable state to be in, naturally present and more aware. Whether achieved with the use of psychedelics or without, this brand is a dedication to just that.

Usually when one decides to go down the rabbit hole and have a transcendental experience with the aid of a psychedelic, Mary Jane is by their side. These two things go hand in hand together, especially during the "come up" and even after. Although its not impossible to reach these states of consciousness without the use psychedelics and some don't use cannabis with, it's very common. High Spirit strategically encapsulates this idea.

A personal psychedelic experience can not only be life changing, but also very emotional as you explore the different realms within your consciousness, being faced with the light - and also the dark. It can feel as if you are awakening into another reality as it sheds the previous operating system. Scientific research has been revealing profound benefits to those who consume these substances under proper guidance and supervision. Many have been able to use these as a catalyst for overcoming depression, anxiety, and PTSD. We are extremely grateful to share our love & enthusiasm for this common interest with each and every one of you.


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